The book

"This Album Full of Angles" by William C. Reichard

“As a reader and professional working in the publishing industry, I can say with a great deal of conviction that writers like William are why we read.  To paraphrase Wonder Boys, we are word junkies and writers of this caliber manufacture our drug of choice.”

–Tiffany White, Readers & Writers Connect

Read the book reviewers have called “slippery, artful, and mythic” and compared to the work of Neil Gaiman:

Northern Ireland, the present day. Derek Tighan seeks help with disturbing visions and finds a man who claims to be Finn McCool, the legendary giant. Finn sulks in Belfast, beleaguered by the nebulous legacy of a simple foreigner named Patrick, but agrees to help Derek as a favor to an old friend.

Together, Derek and Finn set off to find answers. They have powerful allies-along the way, Derek’s friend Iola Prentiss uncovers her connection to a great healing force, for instance-but will they be powerful enough to survive a world stalked by enemies so terrifying that they make even gods doubt the future?

Flickering between the gritty industrial past of Belfast, the natural beauty of the countryside, and even as far as Cleveland, Ohio, This Album Full of Angles will surprise you at every intersection. Lyrical, allegorical, sharp … the Album is an unconventional story of three friends helping one another navigate some of life’s roughest waters.

Buy a print copy of "This Album Full of Angles," by William C. Reichard.Printed copies of “This Album Full of Angles” are available here.

Buy an electronic version of "This Album Full of Angles," by William C. Reichard.Kindle editions are available here.


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